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Happy Doula offers continuous 
labor & birth support to moms and 
partners. Sometimes it can be difficult for 
providers to attend to you continuously. 
We are present throughout your entire 
labor, and help explain what you are going through and what to expect. We also 
help with relaxation, helpful positions and massage. We do not make medical 
decisions, but we do offer information 
to help explain various options. 
If a partner is tired or anxious, 
we support them, too. Oftentimes, 
parents take a one-day childbirth class, 
and are then expected to remember 
the stages of labor, recall helpful 
relaxation techniques, support moms 
selflessly and keep their cool when 
the one they love is going through 
something intense. This is a lot 
to ask of one person. 
Happy Doula provides emotional 
and physical support so your birth 
is the loving experience every
new family deserves.

Happy Doula ® P.O. Box 8265, Salem, MA 01971    info@happydoula.com
Brett Mentuck, CD(DONA), CBE
Keela Bourgoin, CD, PPD, CBE, CMT, CEIM 
Kerilee Pelletrino, CMD, LMT, RMT, CIMI